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One of the key differences between regular five-a-side football and Neymar Jr’s Five is that there is no goalkeeper! This means that you’ll need to have one player that is willing to become the ultimate goal defender.

We have put together the five points that we believe to be vital to master the challenge at hand.

Stay focused: Due to the fast nature of the game, there’s no time to take a rest. The last defender of the goal should be every bit as exhausted as everyone else on the pitch! Stay alert, keep on your toes and be ready to reposition yourself at any moment.

Positioning: Neymar Jr’s Five goals are not tall, but they are wide, so be sure to keep this in mind when the attack is approaching, keep right out there and be prepared to shut down the angle.

Agility: Simply put, the more agile the ultimate defender is, the faster they will be able to respond and defend shots that come their way.

Communicate: If you’re hanging back by your own goal you should take advantage of the fact that you can see every movement on the pitch. Use this view and communicate with your team, shout at who is open, who needs to be covered and where the spaces are!


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