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Just Play specialise in helping individuals that don’t have a team of their own to get involved in social competitions.

We are excited to announce that as of early 2016 Just Play and Soccer5s have partnered to give everyone the chance to play at Soccer5s venues.

So if you are on your own or only have a mate or two and not a whole team, you can now get involved and we will sort some teammates for you.

Are you a ball playing midfielder? Or an uncompromising defender? Maybe you like to play up front and score goals for fun?

Whatever your game style and skill level, we can get you back in the game.

Ready to put one in the top corner? Individual registrations for next season are open now:

Tuggerah: justplay.com.au/collections/tuggerah-5-a-side

Dandenong: justplay.com.au/collections/dandenong-5-a-side

As of March 2016 our first ‘Just Play’ teams have started playing at both venues. What are you waiting for?


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